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TIE YOUR TIE in collaboration with Nishijin Okamoto





銀座三越 紳士服5階 期間:2月27日〜3月5日 25柄、50本の限定販売

In homage to Japan’s heritage

Nishijin Okamoto weaves KINRAN, traditional Japanese gold jacquard, in Nishijin, Kyoto, a city with a textile industry over a thousand years old. Gorgeous and exquisite gold and silver KINRAN jacquard cloth has been used for centuries in the interior of holy Japanese temples and shrines.

KINRAN is very difficult to weave and requires highly skilled personnel. At most, a power loom produces only a few meters per day. Uniquely this unsurpassed cloth is three-dimensional, the foreground glistening or shimmering according to the light, offsetting quieter background tones.

We are honoured to have this opportunity to offer you a new silk textile merging innovation with the traditional skills of Nishijin’s long textile history.

It is offered to our dear customers as a treasure originating from ancient times.

TIE YOUR TIE in collaboration with Nishijin Okamoto

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